Alison Gold – Chinese Food (WTF)

Alright ladies and gentlemen, after seeing things like Ylvis – The Fox and Rebecca Black’s Friday, it’s time that someone from the general public decided to make a horrible song. Chinese Food is one of those songs that was made for two reasons: to become viral and to display lack of talent. Videos like these come out all the time actually, only a very few actually become viral. What scares me about this video is that the general public will see these videos and eventually go, “I can do that”. More and more young girls with aspirations to be famous will fall victim to embarrassing themselves for that 3 minutes in the spotlight. Alison Gold, what were you thinking?!

Some comments so far:

Manly O’Beeferton – “So not only do pandas shoot waiters and fail to pay for their food, they also cause massive destruction to houses by flying through the roof on a rainbow. Could someone remind me why we’re trying to save these assholes from extinction?”

r0adcrossingchicken – “Why hasn’t this rapper guy been arrested yet? All he does is hang around young girls creepily.”

cursenight5 – “Does it matter if it sucks or not anymore? The point is to get popularity… and they are easily getting it without even the need of talent or hard work… which is smart in my opinion.”

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