They Couldn’t Let Their Kids Have All of the Fun, So They Had a Toy Wars Battle of Their Own.

As a child, you probably had toy wars with your friends all of the time, right? Playing with Nerf dart guns and Star Wars lightsabers probably consumed countless hours of your time back then when you were a kid. However, as you got older and started having kids of your own, you probably lost the passion (or free time) to do so, huh? Well, that is what makes this video so amazing because it shows that even adults can have their own epic toy wars as well. The best part, though, is that with advanced technology and visual effects, our toy wars can become ten times better on film. That is exactly what Andrew McMurry did to make this video so amazing! He helps to appreciate that toy wars can come in all shapes, sizes and ages and be just as fun as they were years or even decades ago.

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