These Two Guys Played a Jaw-Dropping Daft Punk Medley with Just Two Acoustic Guitars.

You’ve Never Heard Daft Punk Like THIS Before.

Daft Punk. The dynamic duo of dance/electronic music that has taken the world by storm for well over a decade. Kanye West sampled Daft Punk for his hit song, “Stronger.” Busta Rhymes sampled Daft Punk for his hit song, “Touch It.” Pharrell Williams was able to get his name back in the spotlight by working with this dynamic duo on three hit songs — “Gust of Wind,” “Get Lucky” and “Lose Yourself to Dance.” However, not very many people have been able to successfully cover this group – not just sample them. That is, of course, until these guys decided to cover Daft Punk with their acoustic guitars. When you hear them transition from such hits as “One More Time” and “Get Lucky,” you are going to be blown away. Keep in mind that the actual duo needs a whole lot more than just two acoustic guitars to create their musical hits – but these guys from The Showhawk Duo were able to show off their own musical skills by creating the greatest Daft Punk tribute of all time. Enjoy!

Daft Punk

Best. Daft Punk medley tribute. EVER!

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