This 8-Year Old Girl Does NOT Like Justin Bieber. Her Birthday Presents Clearly Prove That!

If you run into a young girl, chances are that she has heard of and loves to listen to Justin Bieber. As is the case with many other generations that have come before us and will continue to come after us, there is always a teen heartthrob that looks good and can sing (in most cases). For most young girls that were born in the late 1990s and after the year 2000, Justin Bieber is that heartthrob that makes them go crazy! The 8-year old girl in this picture clearly is not a “Belieber” at all. Not only does she hate Justin Bieber, but this young girl clearly wants to maim and kill Justin Bieber in her own little fantasy world. Yes — as you can see from the picture, all  she wanted for her birthday was a bow & arrow set with a Justin Bieber poster. There’s no need to explain it any further, especially when you take a look at this picture and see exactly where on the Justin Bieber poster her bow & arrow is targeting. Yikes!


Justin Bieber

This 8-year old girl clearly is not a Justin Bieber fan.


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