8 Times Caitlin Rice Left us Wanting More

Her name is Caitlin Rice. She is just 23 years old and living the good life all thanks to her fitness regimen. Her enthusiasm to work out has paid off in more ways than she could dream off. She is exceedingly popular on instagram, is in the process of getting her fitness training certificate, companies are literally begging her for partnership and she is just about to start her fitness company. What more could a woman ask for? Unlike Jen Selter she has more than just a great butt. Below are some of Caitlin Rice pictures that left us yearning for more.

The front, the rear, and the side view. They all look exceedingly gorgeous. How unfortunate that it is as far as it goes. How many wish it could go a little further.

She make the jeans look good. Her upper body leaves us in awe. Well-toned body, perfect curves, and flawless skin are what she is made of. Do we even need to discuss her hair? In another life, she would be a goddess; strutting her assets in front of her subjects before admonishing punishment to offenders.

You wake up in the morning and this is what you find when you enter the kitchen. Show us a man who would not wish for that and we would show you a terrible liar. Jen selter has nothing on this beauty. In addition to her smile, you can’t help wondering what more has she got tucked inside her.

Can we please get more from where this came from? She does pull the street look pretty well. She was a model at the age of 16. That should explain how she matches her outfit perfectly. Having a gym instructor like her, you would never miss a single session for anything.

Women with flat and sexy abs have become a rarity in the modern world we live in. Catlin has got it and she wants you to know she has it.

From this point forward, it would be good to let you enjoy the pictures. This one for instance leaves you wondering about the flexibility of this wonderful beauty and the amazing things she can do. You are allowed to take your imagination to the next level.

Those right there are some awesome thighs. Is there any part of her body that is not awesome anyway?

who wouldn’t want a waistline like hers. This woman is a masterpiece. We cannot have enough of her. She is looking more beautiful than the previous day and less sexy than she will the following day.

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