8 Megan Fox Pics and What We Think of Them

Being voted the world’s sexiest female is not an easy fete. It is not as though FHM saw something we do not see, it is just that they have the ability to rank and award her while ours is to appreciate. She is a perfect beauty. For many men, she is a good fantasy. Her talent has seen her feature in a number of movies such as “2 and a Half Men” and “Transformers”. Here are some amazing photos of her and our two cents on them.

The way she makes fixing that car engine look sexy and an easy task, this lady will be able to make anything sale provided she is on the cover. If that is not beauty, then I do not know what is. This was on the set of transformers

It comes naturally for her. Beauty is her weakness. She does not strain to look the part. It is what is referred to as elegance at its finest. Her body is fit for any attire.

She just makes whatever outfit she is wearing look great. That is how hot she is. Her body is the perfect female physique, a masterpiece. The way she manages to dazzle between an official and a casual look is just amazing.

You can go all the way and deny that she is not the sexiest woman but deep within you know that there are not many such tempting bodies in the world. She is the queen of the bikini wear. It is time to take a swim.

Those eyes are just cute, adorable, sexy and seductive. You can stare at them for a long time and not get bored. This emphasizes the fact that she is a complete beauty. From her hair tip all the way down to her toes.

She has some very beautiful tattoos on her ribs and her back. On the tattoos is a Shakespeare quote. Unlike most body works of art that are done hurriedly, her tattoos look great and accentuate her style a lot.

Sorry guys, this may be a spoiler, but now you know she is taken and has two sons. Now that we have cleared that part, let us now go on to the picture itself. Even with a bulging stomach, this woman still looks adorable. Lucky is the man kissing that belly for he has the fairest of them all carrying his offspring.

Carrying her son Noah and walking the streets after dinner just shows that she a remarkable mother who takes care of her own whenever she has the time. Family is a very important aspect in anybody’s life and needs to be treasured.

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