8 Cartoons That You Must Never Watch on Family TV

The world has evolved a lot. You would have to be completely blind not to notice. Time moves so fast to the extent that you might as well be living in the past if you can’t keep up. The cartoon world used to be just that; Cartoon. It was for little kids to enjoy and laugh their ribs off so that they do not disturb adults. Unfortunately, in this day and age, there are cartoons that are created with the adult audience in mind. Here are some of the cartoons that you must never watch on family Tv.

  1. Richie rich

Several people may beg to differ about this one but what I can say is that if you have 3 life time supply of money then you have nothing to worry about, put on your T.v enjoy. This cartoon is based on a comic book of the same name. it generally all about money. The main character is being pampered left right and center by his dad. Anytime he is not smiling, he gets dollars thrown his way. What it is actually saying is that, more money, no problems.

  1. Family guy

There was a reason this show was banned a record two times. However, it is a democratic world and the majority will always have their way. It was brought back and it is quite hilarious but you may want to consider viewing it together with your kids. You may have a lot of explaining to do which you may not be ready to undertake.

  1. Coal black and de sebben Dwarfs

No! we did not mis-spell that. You must have thought we were referring to snow white and the seven dwarfs. It could be since this is its parody. The cartoon has everything going wrong for it. For one, it was shot during world war II and we are treated to some anti-Japanese sentiments which are not good. The portrayal of white as an object of sexual desire is also not proper.

  1. South park

This cartoon had one series that brought the wrath of all of Vatican on them. The episode was known as bloody Mary. As the name suggests, it was all about the statue of Mary menstruating. It ridicules the pope at some point. You may just want to keep off this one because the Vatican wrath may just land on you too. It was very daring of the directors and script writers.

  1. Computer soldier porygon

It was banned decades ago so there is zero chance that you will find it anywhere. Just in case you do, call up the cops and let them come arrest or destroy it. There is a scene in the movie where an explosion results in production of red and blue lights. The flashes were just too bright and resulted in headaches, dizziness, nausea, and blood visions among the viewers. The extreme cases were blindness, and convulsions. You do not want such a scene in your home.

  1. Beavis and Butthead

Somebody should check up on the content of these cartoons already. If at all somebody gets paid for this job then they are getting money for doing nothing. The duo in this cartoon is everything but family friendly. Just stay off it, please!

  1. Itchy and Scratchy

In this cartoon, we have violence at its best. There is fighting going on everywhere. For family viewing? You may have to pass.

  1. Drawn together

It is just too extreme. It has a good message to be put out there which would have been better off on relayed on another platform other than cartoon.


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