8 Amy Adams Pics and What We’d do With Them

Amy Adams will be turning 41 this August 20th. As you’d expect, her age comes with a slightly toned down approach to showing skin and getting sexy on camera. This is not like there won’t be any notable pics of her doing laps on the internet. They are there. Check out our compilation of Amy Adams pics, and how we’d put them into good use.


The match between her wedges and skin tone make her look like a supermodel. The leather couch and cashmere sweater next to her look classy. She’d make it to a page in an exotic interior décor magazine.


The colour blend is perfect and detailed, down to her nail polish. We’d use this to teach 18 year old guys the benefits of paying attention – assuming the cleavage doesn’t distract them.


ah ah ah ah, my eyes are up here! Imagine taking instructions from a boss dressed as such. Wouldn’t that be a lifetime’s self-control lesson?


“I can get raunchy if I want to. But I think I’ll hold onto this jacket, just in case.” What other way should we use to drive the ‘always have a plan B‘ point home?

I know you think we’d convince her to let go. You are wrong, we won’t. We’ll just get two more shots of her this way. It will jog your imaginations better this way.

This is one of those dresses that look innocent from the front, but jaw dropping behind. Amy, would you please turn around? We just want to confirm the theory.

Camping is fun! We need some realistic girl on the cover of our month’s Camper Guide e-book. This would do just fine. Won’t it?

This looks like a scene off some horror movie, or a fairy tale. We really aren’t sure what to do with it but let it lie here.

Amy Adam is naughty in a modest way. She wouldn’t readily lose her clothes for an extra 50,000 Twitter followers, or YouTube hits. I think that’s why most of her photos come in so handy in our ‘What we’d do with’ list.

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