7 Classic Celebrities Who Got Plastic Surgery Wrong

Plastic surgery is meant to augment you. Make you look better and more attractive. A couple of celebrities, and perhaps neighbours have lived to this dream. Others have not. Failure to pull out a decent plastic surgery job leaves us wondering why you even tried it in the first place. Here are top 7 celebrities of the 80s and 90s who got us wondering what went into their heads.

Donatella Versace has a position in the Versace Group. We would expect her to have a perfect sense of style. Apparently, she doesn’t. Her plastic surgery messed up the beauty she once was.

Heidi Montag, is a retired television personality. She admits having done plastic surgery to virtually every part of her body. She looks like a house with poorly planned décor.

Jennifer Grey, that cute girl from Dirty Dancing went ahead and got a nose job that made her look very different from what we knew and loved.

JWoww was wow before meeting the surgeon’s scalpel. We wonder why she paid so much only to get undesired results. She still looks great, but she could have gone for better.

Kenny Rogers got his cheeks puffed up and eyes totally changed. We could be rigid and resistant to change but we really don’t understand the sudden change.

Lara Flynn changed her upper lip. She got rid of those freckles that were actually her thing. Changing your look might change your personality.

Lisa Rina has reinvented herself many times. You perhaps won’t identify her now if you knew her

Even though plastic surgery was still young at this age, the fact that very many people got it wrong is quite disarming. However, with the technology growing and better surgeons coming up, we hope that we will never live to see this again.

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