7 Best Beer Adverts Ever

Adverts are meant to awe viewers, and pass a message. Even though all advert scripts do fairly well on the latter, very few have mastered the art of leaving the viewer amazed. Since Arthur Guinness commissioned his first ever beer advert, the beer advert pedestal has been on quite a level. This is why most of the creative and captivating adverts are on beer. Here are our seven all-time best beer adverts.

  1. Camouflager

Do you know the anxiety that comes with that last beer in the fridge or freezer? Well, Andes Camouflager had that anxiety too. Only that it drove him into creating a cleaver disguise and beer advert.

  1. Good Things Come to those who Wait

Guinness always nails it when they do a beer commercial. This UK commercial takes after the Guinness culture and attaches a brilliant story to the commercial. After all, beers are social, why not tell a story over one?

  1. Carlton

This Australian beer ad cleverly combines the all so important ‘don’t drink and drive’ concept with how important a good beer could be in some scenario. There are cops chasing robbers who can’t get in a get away car since they have beers at hand.

  1. Toohey’s

Toohey’s has a reputation for creating weird beer ads. This is one of the most bizarre advert to ever make it to their catalogue so far.

  1. Old Milwaukee

Even though this ad aired on a Super Bowl break on a small TV channel in North Platte, Neb, we must admit that it is as interesting as it is absurd.

  1. Bikers in Cinema for Carlsberg

Imagine you and your wife in a cinema hall full of really tough looking bikers? Would you enjoy the movie on the screen or will you be busy acting your own mini movie out of fright. Carlsberg solved the puzzle by running this advert/experiment

  1. Heineken’s Champion’s League Trophy

With everyone focused on the Arsenal Bayern Munich game, a group of fans find the much-coveted trophy in their hotel room. Their reactions birthed an impressive beer ad.

Beer adverts are impressive since they are always full of passion, friendship and a generous sprinkle of energy. A cleverly done advert will get you wanting to try the beer just for the sake of it. Just remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive.


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