5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hiphop Music

Hiphop has a definitive origin

The popular names and terms used in hip-hop existed long before any American knew of rap. Hip-hop’s origin can be traced back to Bronx New York back in 1970’s. It is one of the most popular genres today generating millions of legal music downloads and sales every year.

Successful hip-hop rap is in one’s native language
Hip-hop communicates the problems of a certain group. Trying to articulate these problems in English for non-speakers leads to failure. Pioneers urge rappers across the globe to rap about their problems in their own scenarios. For this reason, hip-hop has spread to France, Germany and UK.

DJ’s were the stars
In the early years, rappers were not the center of attention. The DJ’s mixing abilities is what made them stand out. Later on, break-dancers were the in thing and it was only until recently that rappers became famous. Regular music production with new releases then lead to the possibilities of legal music downloads for all fans to access.

Gospel hip was first released in 1982
The first gospel hip-hop album was MC’s sweet in1982. The second album by Stephen Wiley followed in 1985. By the late 1980’s dozen of Christian music, groups began doing hip-hop.

Christians have a hard time accepting Hiphop

The argument remains that hip-hop communicates every vice that Christianity preaches against. However, this is subject to discussion. What matters is the message and content of the music. Christian hip-hop artists are front on the line advocating for gospel hip hop as Christian music as long as it communicates bible messages.

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