5 Struggles That Only A Pregnant Mother Can Tell

The nine-month period of pregnancy is one of a life-time. Regardless of the number of times one has ever been pregnant, each pregnancy unfolds itself in numerous and unique struggles that only the pregnant mother can explain.







No one can explain the correlation between pregnant women and their cravings. Cravings do not just end at longing for some specific food but goes beyond to demand for it with immediate effect. The craving item is bound to shift from time to time-a struggle that is very real.

Increased anxiety levels



The anxiety levels of a pregnant woman will definitely be on the rise as time moves by. A pregnant woman will keep thinking about their due dates and all the things they need to get done with before the arrival of the baby. Anxiety can result to clear dreams about long dead relatives and loved ones.

Mood swings



Pregnant women will be happy in one minute and blow up with rage and hatred the next. They are in constant shift of emotions and sometimes end up crying for no reason. One may be mistake pregnancy for craziness.

Everything becomes pee related



A very small activity can make them pee. Every glass of water drunk or saliva swallowed could press them so much such that you may not be able to have control over yourself. Even the unthinkable like laughing and coughing can make you pee on yourself.

The sensitivity of the baby



This is the most difficult to understand. The baby will kick and play in the stomach when the mother’s stomach is touched by a loved one. If it is a stranger or one that the mother does not like, then the baby will creep out and disappear.

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