5 Reasons Why Not To Date Your Friend

Different people have different views about dating friends. Some advocate for out while others think it should not be happening in the first place. Here are some reason why dating a best friend is a bad idea.

Why not to date a FRIEND….

Your future partner should put an effort to learn and understand your ways

Your friends knows every little detail about you. This means that they do not have to work on getting to know you. This can only serve as a recipe for disaster since there is nothing you can do that he or she will not realize.

Your partner should be mysterious and familiar at the same time

This cannot be achieved when you date your friend. Your best friend knows you too well to be wondering what is up with you. This not good for a relationship as it can turn out to be boring since nothing you do is unpredictable.

Capable of exciting you

You want to hang around your friend all the time because you can tell them everything, including your partner’s progress. You cannot do this when you date your friend. There are things you will hold back as you do not want to hurt their feelings.

You should lust after your partner

You cannot go far when making out with a friend. You will end up laughing about it since when you realize you are awful kissers. This should not be the same with your partner as you must yearn for them.

Your future partner should make you happy without feeling that your happiness hangs on them

Your friend is one person you can depend on to fight your battles with. That one person you turn to when your lover disappoints you. Do not marry your friend.

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