5 Classic Arcade Games You Should Try

There was skill, there imagination. Then there was the awe. It was the golden age of arcade games. None of these games relied on expensive Nvidia or AMD graphics cards. No. They were too simple for that. Does this mean that they were not fun? Well, you should be the judge to that – after going through this list of 5 classic arcade games you should try, again.

Street Fighter (1991)

Streetfighter was not only an icon of its time but also a successful franchise that still has a place in modern day gaming world. It was the pioneer of command combo attacks. Its success made it Capcom’s bestselling game until Resident Evil 5 took over in 2013.

Tank Battalion (1980)

Namco’s Tank Battalion will keep you on your toes throughout. This multidirectional shooter game would pit you against 20 enemy tanks. You have to navigate through mazes in your quest to destroy the enemy and protect your eagle (base). The two-player mode makes it an amazing team builder game.

Space Harrier (1985)

This third-person shooter from Sega was so common to the extent of getting a makeover for a couple of gaming consoles and PCs. You play as Harrier, a badass gunslinger who flies around shooting castles, robots and fantasy creatures. With its 16bit graphics, it really was something. The creatures looked as real as they were bizarre.

Galaga (1981)

Grab your guns! The aliens are here. This fixed shooter game had you control a Starfighter to shoot down invading creatures. It was simple enough for any laid back gamer, and tasking enough to the veteran who made it to higher levels.


Capcom’s Commando makes it to the list since you could move your player in all directions. Your mission was to shoot carefully or madly, any would do, provided you save the war prisoners at the enemy base.

Images Credits: PCMag

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