4 Brilliant Movies That Never Came to Be

Are you the kind of person that loves watching movies online? Then you must know a couple of great movies that never took off. It is possible that you own a copy or two of these great movies that should have been.

The Hot Zone


Alfred Hitchcock's 'Kaleidoscope'

Source : Arthur Schatz

After a 1992 article by a New Yorker about the outbreak of Ebola in Washington, a suggestion to turn it into a movie was born. However, an argument between the starts took center stage leading to the abandonment of an otherwise great film. The failure to determine whose role was prominent cost viewers a number of movie downloads.

Gladiator 2


This is one of the movies that most viewers will never get answers to their what ifs. The death of the gladiator in the first movie made it impossible to produce a second film. This would have been one movie that would have made theatres throng.



Dustin Hoffman in 'Outbreak'

Source: Warner Bros

The story of a serial killer trialing a woman is one that everyone that loves to watch movies online would rush for. However, the violence and sexual graphics made it an almost impossible production attempt. Though it was made into other movies spreading the ideas, nothing came out quite like the original masterpiece.

Heart of Darkness


Orson Welles' 'Heart of Darkness'

Source: RKO

This movie was to be from the novel but the shoot turned out to be very expensive. Abandoning the film for cheaper options was a big blow to the film industry. The screenplay was performed for the first time at a reading in London in 2012, giving viewers a sneak preview of what they missed.

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