20 Best Social Universities in America

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#20. University of Notre Dame

This University is home to the Fighting Irish, one of the most talked about college teams in America.

university of notre dame

#19. University of Missouri

A great college town, huge fraternity/sorority scene, and a good athletics department set the University of Missouri at 19.

university of missouri

#18. University of Wisconsin – Madison

Two huge parties that happen every where, the State Street Halloween Party and the Mifflin Street Block Party equate to some insane annual parties in Madison.

university of wisconsin - madison

#17. Virginia Tech

An active social scene and superior athletics department set Virginia Tech at 17.

Virginia tech

#16. University of Kansas

Boasting an am

azing college town, with tons of city bars and communities within the college.

university of kansas

#15. University of Mississippi

Home to the best tailgate venue in the country, The Grove is a 10 acre area that is packed for every home game of the year.

university of mississipi

#14. DePauw University

70% of the students here join a fraternity or sorority, so there are some huge parties and plenty of alcohol.

DePaul University
14. DePauw University

#13. University of Georgia

With an impressive Greek system and Bulldogs Athletics, University of Georgia comes in at 13.

university of georgia

#12. Lehigh University

Half of the students here are in a Greek fraternity or sorority, and they have a huge annual football game against rivals Lafayette College.

Lehigh University

#11. Kansas State University

A diverse sports department and reputation as a crazy party school.

kansas state university

#10. University of California, Santa Barbara

Boasting it’s own beach and a huge social scene, Santa Barbara is set at 10.

university of california barbara

#9. Ohio University

Palmerfest is a massive block party held every May, but they also have #fest, where you bring your own beer and listen to awesome jams.

ohio university

#8. Florida State University

Great weather all year around, and great athletics put FSU at 8.

florida state university
8. Florida State University

#7. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Greek life and a 19 year old bar entry age make this college town a fun place to be.

University of illinois - urbana-champaign

#6. Clemson University

Elite athletics department and a fun social scene set Clemson at 6.

clemson university
6. Clemson University

#5. West Virginia University

Fallfest is a massive concert/party during the first week of class to welcome undergraduates back to school.

west virginia university

#4. Syracuse University

Students here go crazy for their sports team and have a huge Greek life off campus.

syracuse university

#3. University of Florida

The biggest Greek System in the country, this college has tons of fraternities and sororities, as well as one of the best athletics departments in America.

university of florida

#2. University of iowa

The Number one school for Lots of Hard Liquor!

university of iowa

#1. Pennsylvania State University

The #1 most fun school in America, Penn State ranked on the top of eight categories in the Princeton Review. With tons of house parties, great athletics, and a thriving bar scene, this school kicks ass!
pennsylvania state university

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