These 16 Dishes Look Delicious At First – Until You Realize You’re Looking at Cooked Insects!

Don’t You Just Love a Delicious Dish of…Cooked Insects?!

Cooked insects. These little critters are enjoyed as delicious delicacies around the world – even though that might not be the case in your part of the world. However, at first glance, you won’t even realize that you are looking at cooked insects in the first place. Here are 16 delicious dishes of insects and bugs that look absolutely delicious and mouth-watering at first sight. You might think that you are looking at exotic and ethnic dishes that you would usually see inside of a five-star restaurant. If that is the case, all you need to do is look just a little harder to see the truth.



Roasted Stinkbugs
Roasted Silkworm Pupa
Grasshoppers with Avocado
Fried Water Beetles
Fried Moth with Ginger
Fried Grasshoppers (Fresh Tortillas)
Fried Cicadas Pic
Fried Black Tarantulas and Noodles
Fried Bamboo Worms
Fried Ants
Deep Fried Spider (Cambodian Dish)
Coconut Milk Dragonflies
Cheese with Cheese Fly Larvae
Boiled Wasps
Insect Food Stall in Bangkok Thailand
Roasted stinkbugs

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