14 Times Floyd Mayweather Shocked Us

Floyd Mayweather is not new to controversy, neither is he shy to speak his mind. Whether it is about his sporting ventures, betting or his personal life, you are bound to hear something from the boxing champ at least once in a while. Here are 14 times that Floyd Mayweather shocked us.

He Witnessed Murder-Suicide on FaceTime

Mayweather claimed to have been on FaceTime with one of his best friends, rapper Earl Hayes, when the lad pulled out a gun, went ahead and shot his girlfriend and then shot himself. Although Floyd did not go on to tell how much he saw of the situation, he said the rapper claimed his wife was unfaithful.

Tweeted that her “girlfriend Killed their twins”

Floyd claimed that he broke up with his long-time girlfriend Shantel Christine Jackson because she got an abortion. He tweeted that he is against killing babies and that made him leave the relationship.

It will cost you £65 to watch Mayweather Vs Pacquiao on pay per view TV

The fight of the century doesn’t come easy at all. UK viewers will have to pay £65 to watch Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight, while their US counterparts will have to part with $99.95 to watch the bout in HD.

He held his girlfriend at gunpoint and threatened to shoot her

Mayweather’s ex-girlfriend Shantel, filed a lawsuit claiming that the boxer kept her prisoner at their home, stole thousands of dollars’ worth of belongings from her and held her at gunpoint, threatening to shoot her if she said a word about it.

He was engaged in a mass brawl with rapper TI

The Boxing champion was involved in a brawl with rapper TI at a fast food restaurant in Las Vegas. It is alleged that the rapper walked up to Mayweather and threw a punch, the boxer did not take it lightly and a fight broke out.

He is implicated in a shocking kidnapping and beating case

It is alleged that Mayweather was involved in the brutal kidnapping and beating of his two former employees.

News that he died on overdose

A non-reputable blog posted news that Floyd Mayweather had died on an overdose and that he succumbed in an emergency room at Cedars Sinai Medical Unit. It turned out to be wrong.

He would be even better if Pacquiaos’ trainer would be his trainer

Even after all the success and fame that boxer Mayweather enjoys, Manny Pacquiaos’ trainer, Roach, still thinks that he would have been better had he been his trainer. Floyd’s trainer is his dad who was also Oscar De La Hoya’s trainer.

He was denied entry to Australia

Floyd was denied a visa for entry into Australia due to a poor criminal record. He was to go to the country for business negotiations and it is alleged that the domestic violence prevention policy advocates for him to be denied a visa.

He Dropped $100,000 from above a group of strippers

Mayweather is accustomed to throwing money around. He once invited a group of strippers and dropped $100,000 from above them as the prize money for the contest that was held in a disused club.

He hates credit cards

The boxer is accustomed to carrying large sums of money with him because he simply hates credit cards.

He would fill $100k in a duffel bag everyday

According to Mayweather’s former assistant, Tasha Robinson-White, the boxer would fill a duffel bag with $100k everyday when he felt he needed cash.

He sleeps from 6am until 3pm when he is not in training

Whenever Mayweather is not training, he parties and then sleeps from 6am to 3pm. He then spends 2 hours dressing and grooming himself.

His duffel bag deserved a front seat in his car

The boxer is said to value his money more to the extent that he would let his moneybag ride up front while his friends sat at the back of his car.

There is never a silent moment in Mayweathers’ life and he seems to love it that way. His deals worth millions of dollars, his unbeaten run in his entire boxing career and his lifestyle will definitely keep him at the top of the news anytime.

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