13 Things Punctual People Can Relate To

If you are always known for being punctual, here are 13 things punctual people can relate to these days.

You lie to friends who are always late and tell them things are 30 minutes earlier than the actual reservation time.


Arriving 45 minutes early to the job interview and sitting in the car because you don’t want to arrive too early.


Chronically calling your boss saying you are going to be late and still always arriving early.


Waiting for people who take forever to get ready … you know they are going to be running you late.


Sitting anxiously for an S.O. is who always late


Waiting for someone after they are already late and it seems like every minute is taking forever.


Lying to your friends about how long you’ve really been sitting there, waiting… “Oh it’s been a couple of minutes” … But really it’s been 30.



Annoying someone by telling him or her you are on the way earlier than expected and they aren’t even dressed yet.


Making all your friends more punctual because you’re always early.


You arrive so early you walk around for a bit so when you walk in, it looks like you just arrived.


Dreaming about not being on time terrifies you.




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