Try NOT to Jam to the Bass Lines Covered in This Viral Montage. If You Try, You Will Fail.

Bass lines. They are the foundation of many of the greatest songs and musical pieces that have been played, performed and enjoyed for decades. Many of your favorite rock and pop songs are built on solid foundations created by catchy and captivating bass lines created by musical geniuses. In most songs, you eagerly wait for the exact moment when the bass drops, right? Davie is a musician that has truly paid his respect in honor his electric bass guitar in the past, but this viral montage of 100 famous bass lines will absolutely blow your mind. Trust us – when you hear the bass lines that he chose to cover in this amazing montage, you are going to automatically start bobbing your head up and down almost immediately. You might think of the very first time that you heard that particular bass line or the special moment in the history of your life that was happening with that particular song as the backdrop musical score. Whatever the case – don’t hesitate to share this viral video with your friends, because the way that Davie covers these bass lines should be honored and respected by as many people as possible.


bass lines

You will love most (if not all) of these bass lines.

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