10 Workout Myths That Will Frustrate You

It is said that almost one in every ten people has weight issues and is looking for ways to cut it down. This number is very significant that some people have created the weight loss issue an industry in its own right. From offering pills that guarantee instant weight loss in one week to spreading false myths about workouts, these people are out to make a kill. Unfortunately, the desperation has led to most people believing in the rumors. The lies have been spread far and wide that most people cannot tell a myth from a fact. Here are some workout myths that end up frustrating people who believe in them.

  1. If you did not exercise when you were younger, it would be dangerous to start when you are older.



Whoever came up with this myth might have been an old man who was just too lazy to exercise or younger man who had ulterior motives. Working out knows no age limits. It is never too late to start. The only difference is that you will have to be cautious and aware of your old self. You cannot possibly match up with a young man’s work out. Small workouts every now and then could actually extend your life by a few more years.

  1. Working out is the fastest way to lose weight

This is the one myth that has seen more people stop working out after just a week or month of training than any other. This is because majority of those people usually confuse the health benefits of work out with the weight benefits. The latter will take you sometime. It will require a great deal of dedication, discipline, and tolerance. It does not just happen overnight. After failing to see results in a week, people opt out and seek alternative ways that usually pose a threat to their health.

  1. Provided I work out, I can eat what I want

This is absolutely false especially if you are trying to lose weight. It is always recommended that when you are on a workout routine that is aimed at losing weight, you follow it up with a proper diet. Failure to do so will only see you gain as much weight as you had lost which is more like doing absolutely nothing.

  1. Working out will turn fat into muscle

The cells that make up muscle and fat tissues are very different. At no point does one convert into the other no matter the workout you are engaging in. Hoping for that to happen will only leave you frustrated for a very long time.

  1. No pain no gain

This is probably the most spread myth of all time. It is important that you push yourself from your comfort zone. Moving the extra mile should not be construed to mean that if your body is not sore then you have achieved nothing. In fact, muscle pain will usually be because of an injury. Do not beat yourself too hard, taking long walks is also a form of work out that would leave you fit and healthy.

  1. You need to take supplements if you are to build muscles

This myth must have been created by those individuals who manufacture the supplements. They had to find a way to make sales. For it to be mentioned here as a myth means that many people have actually fallen for it and gone ahead to purchase protein supplements. For a body builder, the creatine could help them since they need tones of muscles but for people like us, the protein we get from food is enough.

  1. If she lifts heavier weights, a woman will get big muscles like those of a guy

You will spend countless hours at the gym toning every last inch of your muscles but you will not achieve this fete. Men and women were created differently. A woman only has a third of the testerone that a man has. That alone is what makes the quest impossible unless she is on some enhancing drugs.

  1. You should not eat before a workout

The body is just like an engine. I am not sure how any engine would operate without fuel. Load up your tank with some food two to three hours before the start of your workout. The body would need it.

  1. Stretching before a workout helps prevent injuries

On the contrary, it could actually make your muscles prone to injury as it stretches the muscle fibers. This destabilizes the muscles making them less prepared for the rigorous workout.

  1. Sports drink is necessary when working out to replenish minerals.

For an athlete running long distance, this is true but for those who just exercise for 30 minutes a day it is not worth it. The minerals in the sports drink could actually lead to adding you more calories than you had lost.

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