10 TV Shows You Must Never Watch on the Family’s Living Room TV

Watching some TV shows is like taking a leap into the unknown. One moment, everything is modest and going on fine. The next moment you have a couple or more moaning in a raunchy erotic scene that sends you scrambling for the remote control especially if you do not live alone. Here are some TV shows with such twists. We think you should keep them off your TV room to avoid the embarrassment – unless you don’t mind it.


Oz might look good and attractive from the outside. After all, it is about prison life, what could go wrong? Well, a lot could, and does go wrong since it is full of strong men reeking testosterone. The sex and violence isn’t something your mum would endorse.

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The L Word

The L is for Lesbian. This is enough a sign of what to expect in the TV show. First you have to deal with the lesbians making out all over the place and then explain to your folks why you are into lesbians.


The word fornication sort of tells it all. Parents tend to think their kids are all innocent virgins waiting for marriage even though they know this is a fantasy. This will definitely not sit well with their dream.

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The series has an alcoholic dad and unsupervised teen who is yet to learn how to control his clasping manhood. This is a recipe for disaster, and a lot of sex. Very few families will promote this.


Skins was so explicit it was cancelled from American TV. If the nation thinks it’s too explicit, who are we to think you can watch it on the family TV?


Jackass is about a couple of jackasses. They pull quite a number of stunts with or without clothes on. The nudity mightn’t be the problem, they kind of rational thinking and common sense in the show is quite depressing.


Hung is about a hung high school gym instructor who doubles up as a male prostitute to make ends meet. The sex and lewd comments are just too much.

True Blood

You wouldn’t expect a show about vampires to be any bad. The suggestive dancing and skimp clad girls at the start of every episode suggest otherwise. You should take the cue.


It’s an adult cartoon, like the Simpsons and Family Guy. It is however full of offensive content and kids who don’t love their parents. What parent wouldn’t feel the pinch when they find their son or daughter identifying with such.

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Game of Thrones

There is more than the quest for a throne in this series. There are nude girls all over the place and very many brutal murders. If your folks loved Spartacus, you might get a free pass on this.

These TV shows wouldn’t be so bad if you live alone. However, they will elicit those awkward side glances from your parents and siblings no matter how liberal your family could be.

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