10 Reasons Why We Think Russians Are Unique, Exotic and Naturally Intriguing

Some people impress us by their genius and ability to create feasible solutions to real life problems. Others amaze us by their ability to come up with solutions or scenarios that might not be as convenient as they are efficient. If you love the latter and find them more exotic, we are sure that you will find Russians very lovable and practical. Here are our reasons.

  1. The Car Furnace

Why spend a fortune upgrading your A/C while you can install a chimney and warm up your car the good old way?

  1. The Spirit of Sharing

Why waste time docking the submarine at a dedicated pen while you can surface at the public beach, swim with locals and let them selfies with the submarine. Wait, they won’t take selfies, they are used to this.

  1. Never Say Impossible

Impossible wasn’t made for the Russians. I bet it even doesn’t exist in their Russian dictionary. You can always find a way out no matter what. That’s what they believe in.

  1. Worship a Cartoon Character is allowed – if she is sensible

We all ascend to this as everyone must worship something, be it a deity, your money or your girlfriend. A group of Russians, however, believe that the cartoon character, Gadget Hackwrench is adorable and sensible enough to be a goddess.



  1. Make Every Car Modification Count

Car modifications mustn’t always result into something flashy. You are a genius as long as you can produce something functional and grim looking.

  1. Always Take the Leap, and Think Later

First, you have to be brave to wear those ice diving costumes. Second, you need to be high on something, to dive into semi-frozen water. But again, they are Russian, what else do they need?

  1. Let’s Grab a Cup of Coffee on the Balcony

I forgot to tell you something, balconies are expensive to build and very dangerous as assassins can get into your house through them. We will just sit here on my more secure balcony.

  1. No Discrimination, the Law Must Always Work

We don’t care if you drive a tank or fly the Concord. We will always find a way to enforce our rules. Order makes us Russian. We must uphold it at all costs.

  1. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Rocks!

You thought BYOD only works in the Silicon Valley or at some other tech savvy event? Well, you thought wrong.

  1. No, Sun, But Who Cares?

There is not excuse for selling smoked or spoilt fish just because the sun didn’t come out yesterday. You can always create your own little sun.

Some sorts of creativity, courage and serious humour only exist in Russia. To pull them out, you need a heavy dose of Russian blood and genes. Lack of these means you would die. Please don’t try these outside Russia.

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