10 Most Attractive Women in Animations

Animations is just a world in its own right. In there you will find heros and heroines, villains, and villainesses. Then there are gorgeous, almost perfect men but the one that really tickle my fancy are the sexy and beautiful goddesses that exist in there. They are so many. Here is my list of the top ten that are stand out from the rest.

Anastasia (Anastasia)

This animated character has it all. Beautiful hair, gorgeous smile and her outfits are to die for. She is the epitome of elegance when it comes to attractive women animations. Sexy should be her middle name. It is no wonder that the movie revolves around her. It is all about her.

Odette (The Swan Princess)

Every loves blondes. Right? well, maybe not everybody. But this blonde will make you fall in love with her at a glance. Her purple eyes and lovely smile just make her look gorgeous. She is probably the reason most people are hooked to this animation movie. I am one of them.

Jean grey (X-men Evolution)

Flawless red hair, beautiful green eyes, and the fact that you have two male characters (read scott and duncan) fighting over her is enough to tell you that she is a beauty. By any other name, this character would still be as gorgeous. Furthermore, she plays the role of heroine exceptionally well.

Kida (Atlantis : The Lost Empire)

She is probably the most underrated beauty. This could be because her simplicity. She has stunning blue eyes, beautiful hair and then there is her skin. That should be her strongest point.it is dark and flawless. Looking at it just makes you wish you could touch it.

Snow white (Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs)

Snow white is what I would call an angel in human form. That beauty is way out of this world. You do not come across such a combination of beauty, sexy and elegance every day. As a character, she may have some shortcomings, but that is not the reason for this post. Her black curly hair and glowing white skin are just perfect.

Kayley (Quest For Camelot)

Just to set the record straight, between her and belle, she comes out tops. This is not to say that belle is not beautiful only that she scores higher than belle. To put it in a better way, belle is pretty while Kayley is dazzling. If only Garett could see for just two minutes. His attitude would change instantly when he gets a glimpse of her long brown hair, contagious smile and killer body.

Eilonwy (The Black Cauldron)

If this movie was actually shot in such a way that Eilonwy was just made to sit there and smile at the camera, I would still watch it. In fact, it would excite be more exciting. That is just how beautiful I think she is. To think that she is only twelve make you wonder what she would look like at around nineteen.

Daria (The Princess and The Pea)

The low rating of the movie is probably the reason why most people hardly know about her. Let me give you a clear description. She has this beautiful red hair that just lie soothingly on her back, gorgeous green eyes, sexy red lips and an amazing smile. In the movie, she gets more than enough acknowledgement for her beauty.

Vanessa (The Little Mermaid)

Her big, purple eyes make her stand out. They are unique and purple is just a very beautiful colour. Her lips are good to look at. Her nose is normal and her hair is long and dazzles whenever the wind blows. The fact that she plays a villain makes her a sexy devil.

Tiana (The Princess and The Frog)

You just have to love this dark skin beauty. Her smile and big brown eyes are just adorable. Her hair is pretty and the blue dress brings out the beauty in her quite perfectly.

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