10 Makeup Free Celebrity Pics And What We Think Of Them

We are used to celebrities in flawless makeup and perfectly matched attire. Even though makeup can’t entirely draw beauty out of a beast, it has the power to overshadow a couple of flaws and make someone more perfect than they actually are.


We all know Adel as the no nonsense pop artist from Britain. Since her makeup is never too extreme, we rarely think of how she would be without some on. She decided to give us the answer with a makeup free selfie on her 26th birthday. She was scared of what we’d say, so we will say nothing.

Beyonce Knowles

She needed some courage to do this, that’s why she bit her lip. She is quite the beauty. She could turn heads without investing on heavy makeup.

Cindy Crawford

I must admit, this is amazing bearing in mind that she is sweet 50. Her skin is as flawless and taut as it was when at her prime years.

Demi Lovato

Demi believes that we have to quit hiding behind makeup and occasionally give people a glimpse of our true beauty. Her idea is beautiful, and so is her face.

Lady Gaga

We are used to seeing Lady Gaga all made up and ready to stun. This is a rare shot. She actually does look impressive with no makeup on assuming no filters were applied on the photo. I wonder how she manages to sleep without messing her hair though.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry, we know how you manage to pull those out-of-the-earth looks with your eyes. She sure does look innocent, just like that shy girl next door – if you ignore her naughty sheer top and the fact that she decided to go braless.

Jennifer Lopez

I think there is some unwritten law somewhere that explicitly allows Jennifer Lopez to take as many makeup free selfies as she can. After all, you do not need makeup to look hot with J-Lo blood coursing through your veins. Her son to the left is proof enough.

Kaley Cuoco

She is the hot one from Big Bang Theory, Penny. She looks absolutely stunning even when in the house for Big Bang. She doesn’t look any different when she steps out of her real house without any makeup on.

Kim Kardashian

Kim is the selfie queen. She takes so many of them and has a couple of makeup free selfies out there. This full pic caught our attention because with everything in place, we can easily conclude that there is more to her than the makeup

Miley Cyrus

She looks like someone you would let your little son or daughter play peak-a-boo with on the plane, in the park or when on a bus ride. Very different from the raunchy ‘wrecking ball’ she can be when she gets made-up.

We are so used to and perhaps obsessed of those perfect looks on celebrity faces to the extent that we don’t realize they are normal people who long to walk makeup free for a day or two. We have to admit it, they all look great, though perhaps not perfect, without the makeup.

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