10 Interesting Vin Diesel Facts You Didn’t Know

We probably all know Vin Diesel as the heavyweight who stars in adrenaline packed movies like Fast & Furious or the Riddick franchises.  You perhaps would be awed to realize that his high profile career didn’t take off that smoothly and that he had to work very hard to get noticed for a serious acting gig. Read on and discover the juiciest truths about Vin that very few people know.

He Changed is name when 17

His real name was Mark Sinclair Vincent. However, when he became old enough to reveal in the New York clubs, he got the notion that Mark and Sinclair wasn’t as cool as Diesel. That’s how Vin Diesel came to be.

He can, well, could breakdance

His love for the camera is deep seated. He was in a breakdance instructional video called Breakin. He wasn’t that huge, but he had the authoritative deep voice and knew how to do it.

He can write, direct and act

Vin tried launching his career in Los Angeles in vain. When it all failed, he came back home with $3,000, wrote, directed and produced his first short movie, Multi-Facial. It played an integral role in opening up his career.

He has sales experience

One time, when things weren’t going as good as he’d love them to, Vin filled up the spaces by telemarketing light bulbs. I guess a real man has to do what needs be done.

He is a true family man

Vin is married to Paloma and has two kids, Hania and Vincent. He likes to keep his family off the limelight. He even didn’t announce the birth of either children.

His Career started with a vandalism attempt

When seven years, Vincent and company broke into a New York theatre with the intent of vandalizing a few things here and there. A woman who worked there gave them a script and 20 bucks and a rehearsals deal every day after school.

He loves Dungeons and Dragons

He has played this video game since when he was 12 years old. He even wrote a foreword to honour the game: 30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons.

He Broke Voice Early

Vincent broke his voice at 15 giving him a characteristic mature and authoritative voice over phone. I wonder how many people he pranked with his mature voice.

Diesel – The Origins

His friends loosely referred to him as Diesel since he apparently has and had bottomless energy. He kept on being active no matter what you threw at him, just like a strong diesel engine would.

His body always comes/came in handy

When 17, Vincent was big enough to land a job as a bouncer at the Tunnel, a New York City nightclub. After that, he perhaps learnt how good being strong can be and kept at it.

Vin Diesel is a solid actor. He manages to create a separation between who he is in a movie and in real life. This could be the very reason why you knew so little about him until now.

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