These 10 DC Superhero Selfies Prove That Even Comic Book Characters Know How to Have Fun!

DC Superhero Selfies – Really?!

With all of the attention that has been placed on DC superheroes recently (especially with the eager anticipation and excitement building up over the Batman v. Superman movie) the concept of DC superhero selfies is not as far-fetched as you might think. Think about it for a second – what if DC superhero selfies were real? What if Superman and Batman took selfies of one another after defeating villains or saving the day yet again? What if the Joker and Batman even decided to take a group selfie together to show that they are secret friends (or just friendly enemies)? Even though the concept of DC superhero selfies might seem a little too unreal – especially in a world that was built on the foundation of comic book drawings and cartoon characters, you will enjoy checking out these 10 DC superhero selfies anyway. Allow your imagination to take you on a trip to a world where Superman does enjoy taking selfies and enjoy the ride.


Superman Saving a Kitten
Superman and Wonder Woman
Superman and Batman
Supergirl and Girlfriends
Joker and Batman
Harley Quinn
Green Lantern and Alien
Batman Raptor Background
Batman and Batfan
Aquaman and AquaFAN
Superman saving a kitten.

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