10 Absolutely Adorable Nicole Scherzinger Pics and What We Think of Them

She is a TV personality, a musician with many notable songs to her name. She was previously aligned to several groups with the latest being the pussy cat dolls. She also has a very keen eye on clothes and accessories. She knows how to pick her outfits. A lady has to look good. Furthermore, in Hollywood, you may be just as good as your outfit. Here are 10 of adorable Nicole Scherzinger pics.

  1. Strapless black dress at the Olivier awards

Black is definitely the new black. Scherzinger shows up for the Olivier awards dressed in an elegant black outfit that accentuates her great figure perfectly. She accessorizes with a golden black belt. She adds on some lipstick for effect. This look is just great and goes well with her image of a sophisticated, mature star.

  1. The cocktail dress

The event is Topshop opening party and here it is simplicity at its best. Gorgeous and simple are enough to describe this look. Nothing more nothing less.

  1. The one shoulder dress

This silver, one shoulder gown made by Amanda Wakeley brings out the goddess in Sherzinger. It serves justice to her equally flawless body. It was worn while attending the London Global Gift Gala.

  1. Skinny jeans and bomber jacket

This is the “welcome to the street” look. She pulls it off very well. The floral print bomber jacket enhances the feminine look. The sport shoes put the icing on the cake while the cape serves good purpose but it can be done away with all together.

  1. The wool coat

in this picture, she is seen arriving at the LA international airport in a grey wool coat. It is perfectly styled, sleek, and modern. The outfit is just perfect for her. The color matching also comes out distinctively. The black shoes and short skirt, all speak of a person who knows her style and goes all out to show it.

  1. The jumpsuit

Getting ready for the new season of the X-factor, nothing says, “ready” better than this navy blue sweat heart neck jumpsuit. She could not have chosen a better outfit.

  1. The print dress

It would have been a big disappointment if she did not have one of this. The dragon-fly print dress coupled with the black suede over-the knee boots completes that look perfectly. This is during the brand’s fashion show. That body would give many models a run for their cash.

  1. The little black dress

Popularly known as the LBD, every lady has got to have one of that. The one donned above during the Weintein Company Oscar nominees dinner has to be the epitome of the LBD. Designed by Ludmila Corlateanu, it is long-sleeve and has a huge ruffle accent on the left hand side. Talk of being unique.

  1. Button down shirt

It surely cannot get any better than this. The pink button down top just makes her look pretty. The brightly patterned mini makes her stand out. She deserves the attention.

  1. Romper

This was on a night out in London. The romper is matched with pleated shorts and a belt. Once again we are presented with elegant simplicity.


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