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    Why The Shield Might Be Our Favourite Show Ever
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    Every city needs a hero. Batman, and perhaps a fraction of Gotham believes this. Does this mean that we who don’t identify with men in bat costumes cannot embrace this sensible truth? Well, it doesn’t. The Shield is proof enough. This is why it could easily pass as our favourite show ever. It tests the […]

  • 24: season seven logo.
    How 24 Changed The Way We View TV
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    The flashing digital clock face, the beep, and the authoritative ‘previously, on 24.’ These are a common phenomenon from one of the most famous action TV series of the century, 24. The series’ attempt to keep its hero, Jack Bauer on the run and escalate thrilling crises over a short time had a huge impact […]

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    Top Moments From Frasier
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    To some, Frasier might be that story about a Boston therapist who moves to live in Seattle. To others, it is a 20-year long ritual filled with laughter, lessons and absurdity unparalleled by any other comedy on TV right know. Here are some of the most interesting things from Frasier that make it what it […]

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    The Panhandler Subway Car Speech
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    Imagine a man entering a subway coach and starts talking about his family, how he lost his job.  To make matters worse, he has a coffee cup in his hand. You will directly discredit him as a beggar. Well, this ‘beggar’ had something else in mind and has gathered over 6M shares in the last […]

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    The Best Man’s Best Speech Ever
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    Weddings are all about fun, one to one love moments and a time to say good or encouraging words to the newlyweds. In most cases, the task of providing a heart moving speech rests on the hands of the best man. Daniel Buccheri, an Australian songwriter and musician took his brother’s wedding to a whole […]

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    7 Least Effective Life Hacks Ever
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    Going through life can be very hard and challenging. This has led to many people being obsessed by the idea on ways to make life easy. Nobody wants to go the hard way. You have probably heard of the term “don’t work harder, work smarter“. This brings us to the numerous life hacks that people […]

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    8 DC Villains Who Could be More Popular than the Joker
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    Almost every movie script has a person playing the hero and another playing the villain. As much the hero often gets more credit for playing his/her role, the villain is equally important. There are movies that get enormous praise for the simple reason that the villain played his/her part perfectly. The joker is one such […]

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    8 Non-Horror Movies Scarier than Horror Movies
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    In the world of movies, there are good bad and even some ugly scripts. Everybody has their choice of what they consider to be a good show. Horror movies for one have a very good following. The chills that one experiences when watching a horror movie is one thing most people enjoy. There are certain […]

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    8 Most Scandalous Madonna Moments Ever
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    She is the queen and shall keep that spot for through this life and the next one too. That is Madonna for you. She is probably the best thing that happened to pop music. Other than being so good in her music, scandal also happens to be her middle name. She has more scandals than […]

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    The Best Comedy Moments From Louie
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    Louie season 3 is around the corner. We are obviously psyched up for rib cracking jokes that would add to what Louie CK already has on his comedy portfolio and definitely add a smile onto our faces. In preparation, we have compiled a list of the best comedy moments from Louie so far. Single People […]

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    How Twin Peaks Was Resuscitated For Future Audiences
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    Twin Peaks was a hit back in 1990. With its mystery like plot, the show quickly climbed up the rankings both locally and internationally. However, the success was short lived prompting ABC to fast-forward the script and reveal Laura’s murder hence concluding the mystery in the story. After this, a movie, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk […]

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    Why Peep Show Is Basically Real Life
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    Most of the TV shows in the industry are all fiction. The story is fiction, the characters and scenes are fictitious. While this works perfectly well when all we are after is a good storyline and some marvelling screenplay, chasing after a real life story could sometimes be more fulfilling and educational. This is why […]

  • JDappljac
    10 Most Useless Inventions Ever
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    There have been plenty of inventions; however, some of them are useless. The list below comprises of 10 of the most useless inventions ever created by man. The products here will leave you asking yourself what was the reasoning behind their development. A walking sleeping bag Do you want to move from one sleeping tent […]

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    The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Rooms
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    Everybody deserves some good time after a long day at work. This norm cuts across the table. What varies, however, is the definition of ‘a good time.’ To some, hanging out with friends and a beer in the local pub down the street is good enough. To others, spending a weekend in one of the […]